Roman Kovář, MgA

Roman Kovář studied design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague under the legendary Czech designer Otakar Diblík, where he obtained masters degree in the industrial design in 2002. While still a student, Kovář won the 2nd prize in the 1999 Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition in Osaka, Japan, with his "Lamp 002" design. The unique feature of Lamp 002 was the lampshade which could be easily assembled out of the light bulb package. After his graduation, Kovář cooperated with Czech bathroom equipment manufacturer RAVAK and eyeware and optics company OPTA TRADE. For two years he also worked for the Dutch-Czech FLEX/cocoon studio, creating packaging designs for international beverage producers such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, InBev, or SABMiller. At present, he works at the Prague-based 1to1design studio where he designs many projects for prestigious clients such as Volvo, Liebherr, Komatsu, FAYAT, Manitovoc, and others.


LEVEL sunglasses

Sunglasses LEVEL has unique frames including the earpieces made of single piece of PP foil. Their shape is fixed by rivets, while their morphology utilizes the natural tension of the foil. These sunglasses has been selected by Ingo Maurer in The International Design Yearbook 2000.

DAISY lamp

This lamp is inspired by previous "LAMP 002" using the natural tension shaping the foil. The lampshade is made of PP foil without use of any rivets or other fasteners. It also utilizes the shape of the compact light bulb OSRAM CIRCOLUX PRO. The lamp has been designed for Roman's own brand Romaneti.

WAVELET sport goggles

Universal sport goggles suitable for skiing, snowboarding, and motocross. Its proportion was carefully chosen so it offers sufficient view and also that it can be used in combination with a helmet. This goggles was designed for production by Opta Trade Ltd.


Roman Kovář has also been developing his own brand of lighting: Romaneti. Inspired by his successful Lamp 002 design, this line of pendant lights relies on simple, elegant shapes. Lampshades are made of polypropylene foil allowing for countless shades and combinations of colors. The light can be assembled easily by the customer, with no extra connecting parts necessary. "When you buy a Romaneti lamp, your home will be graced with a light that is surely unique," says the designer.